Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

A billion people are anticipated to watch the opening ceremony of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris from a distance, while several hundred thousand spectators will be present to take in the spectacle in person. There will be some in the throng who want to take advantage of this widespread attention for bad intentions. According to a recent analysis by cybersecurity company DataDome, 4 billion cyberattacks are expected to be launched during the games, with the majority of them going at companies in related industries. Travel, lodging, tickets, shopping, media, sports betting, financial services, social media, and public infrastructure are among the industries that could come under attack.

“There will be cyberattacks during the Games and the Paralympics,” Strubel said at a briefing in May. “Some won’t be serious. Some will be serious but won’t have an impact on the Games. And perhaps there will be some that are serious and liable to have an impact on the Games.” said Vincent Strubel, who is in charge of ANSSI, France’s national cybersecurity agency.

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