Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

The festival’s main attraction is its early morning bull runs, which got underway on Friday with thousands of daredevils competing against six bulls. A group of macho residents and visitors test their mettle by dodging six raging bulls as they sprint up a twisting cobblestoned approach to Pamplona’s bullring. Some hail them as brave, while others call them stupid.

Starting on Friday, thousands of daredevils will race against six bulls in the early morning “encierros,” or bull runs, which are the main attraction of the nine-day celebration in the northern Spanish city. Viewers observe from wooden barricades and balconies positioned throughout the route. The event is broadcast on national television.

Every day’s remaining hours are spent dining, drinking, dancing, and enjoying live entertainment.

Tens of thousands of people flocked to the town hall square on Thursday to enjoy the customary firework blast known as the “chupinazo,” which ignites the San Fermín bull-running event.

As they shouted and chanted, almost everyone—including a large number of tourists—wore the typical attire of white pants and a shirt with a red neckerchief and sash.

Many poured sparkling or red wine over one another as the rocket was launched.

The 1926 book “The Sun Also Rises” by American Ernest Hemingway popularized the celebration.

Every afternoon in the municipal ring, professional matadors slaughter the bulls that are utilized in the runs.

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